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  • Craig & Foxy US Marine Corps

    Craig & Foxy
    US Marine Corps

    “Since Foxy came into my life, everything has changed. Trained by the best at Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, Foxy and I have been inseparable since we were paired in May 2020. As a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, I faced numerous challenges after my service. Life was tough, and I felt like I had lost…

  • Debbie & NavyUS Army

    Debbie & Navy
    US Army

    “Before receiving Navy, I spent years fighting a losing battle with nightmares, flashbacks, and debilitating panic attacks. I rarely left my house. That changed when I was paired with Navy. I finally started to be able to go out in public. At first, not having a dog I was apprehensive. I wasn’t sure. I started…

  • Beverly & VitoUS Air Force

    Beverly & Vito
    US Air Force

    “It may sound over the top, but in some ways, it is a matter of life and death. I’ve been to the edge with my thoughts. I struggled with PTSD to the point of thinking of becoming one of the 22! I also have mobility issues and Vito helps me to feel more confident when…

  • Bill & FaithUS Marine Corps

    Bill & Faith
    US Marine Corps

    “Having contemplated suicide, I was suffering from the invisible wounds and scars of post-traumatic stress disorder. The nightmares, anxiety in crowds and daytime panic attacks that made me reluctant to leave my home. I was going to leave it up to God. My wife and I were praying for a good dog. God winked at…

  • Conner & BradleyUS Army

    Conner & Bradley
    US Army

    “When I returned from Afghanistan and was discharged from the Army, all I wanted was to live unnoticed. The transition to civilian life, coupled with a diagnosis of a seizure disorder, was more difficult than being deployed. I kept to myself, I wanted to be invisible. I never pictured myself having a Service Dog, but…

  • Samantha & LashUS Air Force

    Samantha & Lash
    US Air Force

    “I was very depressed and became less and less motivated and nearly incapable of going outside. I eventually withdrew from everything and everyone. Once paired with Lash, I have immensely improved my life. Lash gives me hope and a reason to leave my house and be active again. I considers Lash to be my absolute…