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Welcome to the “Meet the Vets” section of Life Changing Service Dogs For Veterans! Here, we highlight the inspiring stories of Veterans who have been positively impacted by the companionship of Service Dogs. These brave individuals have served our country with honor and distinction, and through the support of Life Changing Service Dogs For Veterans, they meet the daily challenges together as a team.


The Veterans featured here come from a variety of backgrounds and have faced various challenges in their lives. They’ve experienced the profound impact a Service Dog can have, aiding in both physical disabilities and mental health struggles such as PTSD. Each story is a testament to the resilience of these Veterans and the transformative power of Service Dogs. Their experiences underscore our mission: to raise funds for Service Dogs for Veterans who need them most.

We invite you to get to know these Veterans, learn about their journeys, and understand how their Service Dogs have made a significant difference in their lives. Our hope is that their stories inspire you, deepen your understanding of the power of a Service Dog, and encourage more support for this life-changing cause.

Conner & Bradley, US Army

“When I returned from Afghanistan and was discharged from the Army, all I wanted was to live unnoticed. The transition to civilian life, coupled with a diagnosis of a seizure disorder, was more difficult than being deployed. I kept to myself, I wanted to be invisible. I never pictured myself having a Service Dog, but within three days of meeting Bradley, we were in sync. It’s hard to remember what it was like without him. Medical assistance aside, Bradley helped transform my personality and restore my independence. I look back on how much I’ve changed. Bradley has enabled me to graduate from Duquesne University and earn a master’s degree and launch my carrier as a high school teacher. I wouldn’t trade him for the world.”

Samantha & Lash, US Air Force

“I was very depressed and became less and less motivated and nearly incapable of going outside. I eventually withdrew from everything and everyone. Once paired with Lash, I have immensely improved my life. Lash gives me hope and a reason to leave my house and be active again. I considers Lash to be my absolute best friend. As Lash has eased so many of my crippling anxieties and debilitating depression.”

Bill & Faith, US Marine Corps

“Having contemplated suicide, I was suffering from the invisible wounds and scars of post-traumatic stress disorder. The nightmares, anxiety in crowds and daytime panic attacks that made me reluctant to leave my home. I was going to leave it up to God. My wife and I were praying for a good dog. God winked at us, and I got a dog named Faith. She is everything I could ask for. Faith senses when I’m having a nightmare. Faith lies on my chest and licks my hand, and I am soothed into a restful sleep.”

Beverly & Vito, US Air Force

“It may sound over the top, but in some ways, it is a matter of life and death. I’ve been to the edge with my thoughts. I struggled with PTSD to the point of thinking of becoming one of the 22! I also have mobility issues and Vito helps me to feel more confident when we go outside. Vito keeps me active, keeps me moving. He is the most amazing dog and as a result, I’ve reduced my PTSD medications. He’s given me the confidence to speak at a Mental Health Clinic in the VA. Vito is a blessing.”

Debbie & Navy, US Army

“Before receiving Navy, I spent years fighting a losing battle with nightmares, flashbacks, and debilitating panic attacks. I rarely left my house. That changed when I was paired with Navy. I finally started to be able to go out in public. At first, not having a dog I was apprehensive. I wasn’t sure. I started taking chances: I’m see if I can do this. And every time I did, she was right there with me. Once paired and given Navy’s leash, I was informed from this day going forward, I’m not going to be without Navy. And I couldn’t wrap my mind around that. She’s been to Hawaii, and a cruise to Alaska, always by my side.”

Craig & Foxy, US Marine Corps

“Since Foxy came into my life, everything has changed. Trained by the best at Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, Foxy and I have been inseparable since we were paired in May 2020. As a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, I faced numerous challenges after my service. Life was tough, and I felt like I had lost my way. But then Foxy entered my life, and it was as if a switch had been flipped.

With Foxy by my side, I’ve found the strength and confidence to navigate daily life once again. She’s more than just a Service Dog; she’s my companion, my confidante, and my lifeline. She provides practical assistance when I need it, but it’s her unwavering emotional support that has truly transformed my life. Foxy has given me a reason to smile every day, to look forward to each new dawn.

Our bond is deep and meaningful, a testament to the incredible healing power of Service Dogs. Her loyalty and dedication are unfaltering, and in recognition of her extraordinary impact, she was honored as the Service Dog of the Year by Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs in 2022. With Foxy, I feel like I’m living again, not just existing. She’s my beacon of hope, and for that, I am forever grateful.”