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Teeing Off for Heroes: Success at the 2nd Annual LCSDFV Golf Fundraiser


The 2nd Annual Fundraising Golf Tournament for Life Changing Service Dogs For Veterans Inc. (LCSDFV) was a resounding success, highlighting the power of community and the unwavering support for our Veterans and their Service Dogs. Held on a beautiful Saturday, May 4th, from 7:00 AM to 2:30 PM EDT, at the scenic Quicksilver Golf Club, 2000 Quicksilver Rd, Midway, PA, this event not only served as a competitive and enjoyable golf tournament but also as a significant fundraising endeavor, which, due to overwhelming support, proudly announced a complete sell-out.

A Day of Golf, Unity, and Support

Participants were treated to an early start with a 7 AM check-in, leading into an 8 AM tee time. The 4-person team scramble format fostered a spirit of camaraderie and friendly competition amongst the players. Each registration fee of $150 per player included not only the game but also lunch for the golfers, ensuring a day filled with energy and enthusiasm. The event was punctuated with Hole-in-One Prizes, raffles, giveaways, and more, adding layers of excitement throughout the day.
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Title Sponsor Spotlight: US Steel and SERVE’s Invaluable Partnership

A special acknowledgment is owed to our Title Sponsor, US Steel, whose generous support played a pivotal role in the event’s success. US Steel’s commitment to community initiatives, especially those supporting Veterans, underscores their dedication to making a meaningful impact beyond their industry leadership. Their participation in the tournament symbolizes a bridge between corporate responsibility and community service, setting a precedent for cooperation between organizations and causes that champion the well-being of our Veterans.

Equally instrumental was the partnership with SERVE, a notable advocate for Veteran support services. Their collaboration brought invaluable resources and attention to the cause, further amplifying the message and mission of LCSDFV. Together with US Steel, SERVE’s involvement underscores the collective effort and shared vision in honoring and assisting our nation’s heroes.

The Backbone of LCSDFV: Volunteers and Leaders

The triumph of the 2nd Annual Fundraising Golf Tournament is also a testament to the tireless efforts of the LCSDFV volunteers, led by Bill Jeffcoat. Their dedication and hard work were evident in every detail of the meticulously organized event. Likewise, Justin Petrilena’s contributions were paramount in orchestrating an environment that not only celebrated the spirit of competition but also the cause at its core – supporting Veterans through Service Dogs.

Acknowledging Our Sponsors

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to each and every sponsor who generously contributed to the unparalleled success of our event. Without your unwavering support and belief in our cause, the 2nd Annual Fundraising Golf Tournament for Life Changing Service Dogs For Veterans Inc. would not have achieved its remarkable impact. Your commitment to our mission enables us to continue providing crucial assistance to our Veterans through Service Dogs, making a tangible difference in their lives. We are deeply appreciative of your partnership and look forward to continuing this journey together, fostering a legacy of support and compassion for our nation’s heroes.

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Supporting Life Changing Service Dogs For Veterans Inc.

LCSDFV’s mission is to provide support to build a campus in Western Pennsylvania to breed, raise, and train medical Service Dogs for those who suffer from visible and invisible disabilities including Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) or Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) with special focus on men and women who are Veterans of United States Military Service. Through events like the 2nd Annual Fundraising Golf Tournament and the support of the community, sponsors, and partners like US Steel and SERVE, LCSDFV continues to make significant strides toward enhancing the lives of Veterans and their families.

The event not only achieved its goal of fundraising but also raised awareness about the importance of Service Dogs in aiding Veterans’ rehabilitation and reintegration into civilian life. The enthusiasm and generosity displayed by participants, sponsors, and the broader community underscore a shared commitment to supporting our Veterans.

For those who missed the opportunity to participate in the golf tournament but wish to contribute to this noble cause, donations are welcomed at our Donations Page. Your support ensures that LCSDFV can continue its critical mission, providing life-changing companionship and assistance to our Veterans through Service Dogs.


The 2nd Annual Fundraising Golf Tournament for Life Changing Service Dogs For Veterans Inc. stands as a beacon of hope and support, reflecting the best of community spirit and dedication to our nation’s heroes. The continued partnership with organizations like US Steel and SERVE, along with the unwavering support of volunteers, sponsors, and the community, promises a brighter future for our Veterans and their Service Dogs. Together, we look forward to building on this year’s success, fostering a legacy of support and recognition for the sacrifices made by our Veterans.

We are also excited to announce that plans are already underway for next year’s event. We will be releasing information for the 3rd Annual Fundraising Golf Tournament for Life Changing Service Dogs For Veterans Inc. in the coming months. This announcement is sure to bring great anticipation among our supporters and the broader community. Keep an eye on our official channels for updates and how you can contribute to or participate in next year’s tournament.

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